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guides you towards the holy grail of all lonely hearts – romance.

Model Love

What is the show about?

MODEL LOVE continues our fascination with online environments (skinworks) and issues around identity and sexuality (Double Happiness) by weaving together into a show two very different kinds of material. Firstly, by raiding sites for profiles and speed-dating through a multitude of throwaway characters, this frenzied need for self-presentation is explored through tour-de-force performing that dynamically integrates choreography and writing directly inspired by stolen fragments of actual personalities. Secondly, with each turn of the page, the “lovers’ manual” itself reconstructs a mysterious narrative told in enigmatic photographs purporting to capture love at first sight. Part investigators, part impersonators, the three performers use the book to reveal our deeper, resistant need for an individual, out-of-the-everyday contact, for romance. Combining performance and photography in this exciting and new way means that MODEL LOVE will not only attract audiences interested in experimental physical theatre and live art, but also develop new audiences for our work at venues interested in the visual arts or with a bookshop.

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Funded by Arts Council England and supported by Choreographic Lab.
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