Current work - Installation
installation/durational performance
Out of our novel collaboration with photographer Edward Dimsdale and the richness of visual material, we produced a successful durational performance-installation of MODEL LOVE (premiered at BAC's BURST festival, May 2008) within a gallery setting, shifting the focus to the variety of photographic formats and techniques Ed explored throughout the project. These techniques include large-scale photographic prints, miniature photogravures on newsprint and grabbed images from the internet physically embossed with texts from online postings. The very fabric and making of the photo-book itself became the central metaphor for this performance-installation, as the printing of images, sewing of pages together and the wilful destruction of a book articulate the work's fascination with the photograph, and what it tells us today about ourselves.
Through bespoke durational performances made in situ and designed for each specific space, we will construct installations using various combinations of our existing material (choreography, text, music and image) that afford visitors an intimate, hands-on experience of the photo-books and other imagery. These will also involve performed elements of action-text and music, as well as projected moving image created especially for these
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