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Deadplay (1989)
Deadplay 1989
Play dead play playing dead somehow/ by a deployment of bodies in flight (is creation, they say) and properties culled from the commonplaces (you know, Wagnerian musical chairs/ Caravaggio's nowyouseeitnowyoudon't) they hope to pull it off.

It is blind faith in the plague that drives them on. Through the various theatrical deaths/ the hysterical posturing.
(Replicate in panic, the old man used to say.) These days to describe is to name catastrophe.
There is an old story-about a body that in flight/headlong down the double helix/freefalling across the desert/actually broke through (by deceiving the third eye). The spectator (incidentally an actor in real life) desires to know the mechanics of the trick (it's a showstopper).

On this point/as on many others/we beg to differ.