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Iwannabewolfman a farce (1991)
iwannabewolfman 1991
a farce in loving memory of mama and papa
who were taken from us in that terrible accident

the never-ending wake through which the siblings sit
forever telling tales about the da and ma
about the time it all went wrong
the time they can't remember when
oh god have mercy on their souls
for they know not what they have done

BODIES IN FLIGHT's fourth show is a horror story
about the slow death of the family,
the glimpsed deaths of a whole lot of things
in ways so terrible they can only be imagined.

Combining original score with new text and choreography,
this piece is pure nostalgia,
a family romp through detritus of the comfortable home -
photo-albums, teatimes, abuse, Sundays.

This is what happens when you play mummies and daddies for real.