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Rough a passion (1992)
Rough - a passion 1992
Aphrodite (aka Venus ), Cupid (aka Eros ), Diana (aka Artemis ) and Dionysus (aka Bacchus ) are on the run, holed up in some Motel, where a sex thing happens.

They've changed their names so many times now.

We don't know whether were supposed to believe in them.

They don't know which land they're in.

They keep telling stories of a life to come.

The interstate never stops the free circulation of trade.

Combining original score with hiphop, story - telling to the nth and speciality acts with virtual choreography and a mobile Motel room, we hope this passionate and true tale of gods and goddesses in the new Europe will entrance you, move you to tears, run rings around you and give you a deal of faith in the future.