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DeliverUs a romance  (1999)
DeliverUs - a romance 1999
the maths: 1 weekend: 1 flat: 1 locked door: 1 phone off the hook: 1 full freezer: 1 bed: 2 lovers: how many loves?

1: look into your lover's eyes for a very long time indeed: what do you see? 2: study his face like your life depended on it: is his smile your working definition of trust? 3: close your eyes tight and imagine a world without her. (Pause a bit.) Now, that wasn't so hard, was it? 4: why isn't there world enough and time enough and love songs enough for this?

By falling in love with love, Bodies in Flight's second collaboration with media artist Caroline Rye continues our fascination with what happens when flesh meets image-text, when the apparition encounters the incarnation. Choreography, text, video interact to explore that interface with the divine that we all experience when we fall in love, the anxieties and ecstasies, the unbearable and yet undeniable undecidability of that first chance encounter that leads to the blissful/ terrible [delete as appropriate] forever-after.