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Who by Fire a memory (2004)
Facing the void: Children facing the future,lovers facing each other, the old facing death. The writer facing the blank screen.The musician facing the silence.

This work picked up from where we left off in skinworks – the point of exhaustion, after having surfed, when the user can do no more on-line and logs off, then for a moment, before returning to their everyday lives, sits facing the void of a blank screen.
It is a brilliant piece that is as rich as an old master painting and as moving as a Romantic poem whilst maintining BIF’s commitment to a sexy, contemporary aesthetic. It was one of the highlights of BAC’s Opera festival.”
Richard Dufty/ Producer BAC

“Wow, what a performance! Absolutely captivating... still digesting it...beautiful music... my girlfriend was in floods of tears.”
Audience member Who By Fire (May 04)