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a valentine by Bodies in Flight, Angel Tech, Lucy Baldwyn & Nicholas Watton recorded & mixed for CD by Angel Tech

Three handles appear in a chatroom, they’re anonymous, they’re anybody, everybody, they’re angels, demons, they’re hermaphrodites, they’re making a new kind of love mailing valentines into the void. Three performers cruise the web, crashing chatrooms, flipping identities, spinning yarns, beguiling, ensnaring unsuspecting novices, seducing each other, pushing imagination beyond the tech spec. Originally made as a collaboration between Bodies in Flight and the band Angel Tech, film-maker Lucy Baldwyn and new-media artist Nicholas Watton, skinworks marked the culmination of research into cyberlove, that resulted in a series of linked broadcast, installation, web, and performance events across the UK and internationally in Brisbane, Chicago & Singapore (2002-5). Through a collision of sounds, images and words skinworks explored how new desires and moods of love emerge from the irresponsibilities of sex without bodies. no flesh given, no harm done with the voices of POLLY FRAME, GRAEME ROSE, KAYLENE TAN and soundbites from MARK BOOTH, STEPHEN FIEHN, STACY GOLDATE, OLEN HSU, MALIN LINDELOW, TYLER MYERS, ETHAN ROEDER, HAMZA WALKER LYRICS & TEXT by Simon Jones Playing Time: 48 minutes. An Arnolfini Live commission financially supported by Bonington Gallery, East Midlands Arts, Future Factory & the Now Festival. Financial assistance from the Arts Council England and the Regional Arts Lottery Programme.

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